Secret Places in Malta

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One sunny summer day I headed to a wild Maltese pebble beach: Il-Bajja Fomm ir-Rih. Having checked the route and taken the screenshots of the online map (thinking that would be enough to find the beach quickly), I took the bus from Mdina to Bahrija. Six more youngsters got on the bus with me. Open windows, wind in the face, and failed attempts of passengers to read the names of their destinations correctly. I couldn’t help smiling and was absolutely sure that my stop was the last one.

Well, yes. My stop wasn’t the last one of course, and surprisingly I was the only one who got off the bus. In front of me only one path leading to the sun… Without hesitation I moved toward the sun. A bit later I had to decide whether to turn left or right? “Left seems fine,” – and that was my decision.

The area seemed desolate, and full of wildlife. One incredibly big lizard frightened me as I wasn’t ready to meet these creatures which were looking at me so confidently and bravely! After that I was dancing while walking! And singing! And clapping my hands! In order to threaten them too. (Yes, I’m brave too, sometimes!)

I passed by small “houses” where local farmers and hunters had rest. In about an hour I found something. No, it wasn’t the beach at all. But scenic landscapes enchanted me. There wasn’t a single soul. Only cliffs and the sea. It was midday, the sun was beating down and at that moment beach was the only place to survive. I didn’t know where exactly I was so I went intuitively. I almost ran out of the water and was dying from the heat. Sometimes I made my way through private lands which wasn’t good (I admit it, sorry.). I was walking somewhere. Suddenly, in distance I noticed something resembling an old abandoned dam. “Is it dangerous to climb down and check what it is? How will I get back from there? There seem to be no people,” – insatiable curiosity and prudence were fighting.

In a minute I was on the way to that “dam”. Soon enough I noticed a couple of people on the rocks! People! It turned out it was that very secret beach, a place of solitude and freedom…

P.S.1 This magical little pebble beach is wild. For all the time there were only 9 people around. But be sure, it’s a special place. Fascinating lemon and peach sunset will try to steal a bit more of your time than you planned to devote them… 

P.S.2 Later Google informed me that before I found the beach I was wandering around Megalithic Temple and Punico Remains and Blata tal-Melh. Curiosity is my best friend! 😀

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