Fears and blogging?

I always loved writing. And usually the result of it had little sense to everybody else but me. At that time strange combinations of words inclosed huge motivational power for me while to others they could seem weird and useless. I did not care what my texts meant to others and I just wrote, wrote and wrote… I couldn’t imagine a single day without it. My writings were a reflection of my thoughts, my insights and my inspiration.

But later on I became so much worried whether what I write is necessary for other people and I just stopped doing that. I did not want to look like a victim of graphomania and each time thinking if I should publish something or not I came to the conclusion that the Internet already has millions of people who write, take photographs, create really fantastic pieces of art and anyone can find anything on the web. It is overloaded with information, with useful and useless information… Should I add something else to that “online planet”? It is all true. But…

But do we always do what has importance to others? Do we always watch super intellectual or documental movies? Do we read only best sellers?

Personally, I like to find out other people’s opinions and thoughts and compare them with mine. Sometimes I enjoy watching low-rank movies and it all brings me joy and happiness.

Why do I write this? Because I realise blogging is a way to find soul friends and people with similar interests, it is a way to exchange ideas and in my case practice English writing which is not obviously the same as writing in my native language.

And why are you blogging? How did you come to this? Have you ever wanted to become a writer? Or maybe it is still your ambition?

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