Hey there! I’m Elena and nearly every day I want to fly somewhere. And better very far away. Unfortunately, air companies don’t provide such people like me with “gift tickets” that’s why quite often I travel virtually. In this case it doesn’t matter what time it is and how many miles separate me from the dream place. 🙂

Yes, maps show big distances between continents, but I think Earth is small: we can talk to people from almost any far-flung places of the planet and that’s fascinating!

So what is this blog about? It’s about cultures and mentalities. The way different people look at the same things always delights me and awakens my curiosity. So here I will share what my virtual and real journeys teach me.

If you also don’t have tickets to all parts of the World right now, but are interested in understanding other nationalities a bit better, check my blog and find out what common you have with somebody from another hemisphere.

Of course soon you’ll have a ticket, but with the understanding how other people view the life, you will feel the warm in any country regardless how specific it is!