Today I’ve decided to tell some facts about me. Maybe we have something in common? 🙂

1. I’m afraid of cars and pedestrian crossings. I prefer to sit in the back seat and can’t imagine me driving… At least driving well. As for crosswalks, I don’t consider them safe. Vice versa, they seem quite dangerous to me.

2. I often forget how old I am. Every year it happens to me that I say I’m younger than I am in reality and honestly I feel like I’m 17. This is a magical age for me for some reason.

3. In my childhood I absolutely loved frogs! I went to the garden not to pick berries but to play with small frogs which sometimes were our guests. Once I wanted to take part in a TV contest and was ready to put a frog in my mouth so that my mom could take a picture and send it to the famous TV show at that time. Unfortunately, she didn’t support this idea and I didn’t win as a result. 😀

4. It’s difficult for me to speak quietly. At school teachers usually got nervous and irritated when somebody talks too quietly but in my case this is a problem sometimes because I rarely manage to tell secret stories to my friends only when we are in the street… It usually looked like I tell stories to everybody around. Usually half a street hears me telling jokes, stories and laughing like crazy. Moreover, people often think I’m drunk as I laugh really loud and can’t stop it. Eh…

5. I’m afraid to become arrogant. Once one famous singer said that guys he was working with shared with him that they were afraid to get afflicted by a “star complex”… It surprised him as they were only on the way to fame and it was too early to think about that. Well, luckily I’m not the only one who’s afraid of becoming an ugly person. 🙂

6. I don’t watch TV series. It’s because I think most of them are too interesting and it’s impossible to stop watching them. They’re like drugs! I really don’t remember whether I finished any TV series…

7. I dislike speaking on the phone. Especially with unknown people. When I hear the phone ring I can shiver because quite often I’m too concentrated on something and the phone call is unexpected. Also, my favourite modes are silent and vibrate.

8. I can’t stand when people try to control me and make me justify what I did or I didn’t. For example, sometimes I forget about birthdays or I may not answer a phone call (because I may be too busy – I’m not proud of these traits, of course) but if a person blames me for that, it almost always leads to the end of our relationships.

9. I’m very sentimental and think it’s my weak point.

10. I love travelling alone. Even if you didn’t take a map, your phone died or you ran out of money, no one will cry or complain. 😀 Travelling solo helps explore so much about yourself and the world around!

TOP-5 Curious Russian Phrases

  • Лезть на рожон 

Meaning: to go towards smb/smth beyond all rationality realizing you’re likely to have lots of trouble afterwards; to do everything possible to get the desired result…

Origin: “Рожон” in the old Russian language (and nowadays in some regional dialects) is a pointed stick. When brave men hunted a bear and approached it they kept the stick in front of them. If the bear impaled itself upon that sharp stick, it died.

  • Попасть впросак

Meaning: to end up in an uncomfortable and disadvantageous situation because of ignorance or mistake

Origin: “Просак” is a spinning machine which people used in the old times to give a twist to a rope. If hair, beard or clothes got into the spinning machine of course there followed unpleasant consequences. 😦

  • Пускать пыль в глаза 

Meaning: to give the wrong impression about personal capabilities

Origin: This phrase comes from the fact that during first flight dishonest fighters took small bags with sand which they threw in the eyes of the competitors. In 1726 this  was forbidden by special decree.

  • Орать на всю Ивановскую 

Meaning: to shout very loudly

Origin: “Ивановская” (Ivanovskaya) is the name of the street where Ivan the Great Bell Tower is situated (It’s on the Kremlin territory). In the XVII century this street was a plaсe where 1) royal decrees were announced loudly; 2) sometimes clerks were penalized here – they were mercilessly beaten with whips, that’s why they shouted.

  • Перемывать кости 

Meaning: to discuss someone else in his absence

Origin: The term dates back to the forgotten ritual of reburial: three years after the death the deceased was removed from the grave, then people cleaned the bones and re-buried. This action was accompanied by the memories of the dead, the assessment of his character, deeds and actions.